Tufted sofa love...

So I am completely smitten with the tufted vintage style sofa, chesterfield or not I am loving the fun styles out there.  I have a simple high back sofa in my living room from Cisco brothers that has served me well for years- I think 7 or 8 years to be exact and it is still in great shape.  However, you know as well as anybody that girls like me like to day dream.  When I day dream it is about furniture and travel typically.  (the photo below makes me weak!)  So anyway long story short, or vice versa now, I was not shopping for a sofa but you know how things happen when you least expect it, I found a beauty that I could not resist!

This one is so cute with the contrast of the nail heads...

This little beauty looks vintage but it is not..

Love the yellow but I know it is not for me...

So here she is my new to me vintage sofa... LOVE LOVE LOVE   the only question now is which fabric and which color??

Do I go with linen in a natural tone, linen in a charcoal grey, velvet in a light grey??  Oh the delimas I get myself into! 

What do you think?  I am over the moon- it was the perfect find for a ridiculously low  price (I am not sure I should say).  I will say that flea market shopping is some of the best shopping EVER!

images via pinterest and anthropologie

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