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The Business of Design book signing

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful book signing for Keith Granet at Molly Wood Garden Design.  Molly is the sweetest and we seem to see one another EVERYWHERE!  Her shop and offices are in a little house and are so well done- I love it there and always seem to find something special to come home with not to mention she is a fantastic Landscape Designer.  I am dying over this vase in the first picture..  must need to go on my Christmas list!

I grabbed a copy of his book a little while back and have only had a chance to read a little bit of it.  It was fantastic to hear him speak about design as a business and our industry in general.  I definitely need to read it cover to cover because he made so pretty great points about the value of hiring a designer and how we should be letting our clients know this.

Molly and Keith

I think Keith's book is a must have for anyone who is just starting in design or has been working in the field.  It is full of great information about Design as a business and why we should treat it as such.

(soo sorry about the picture quality.. just a little point and shoot)


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