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here and there..

It is funny how everyday is so different even when it seems the same.  One little meeting can change your outlook for the next year in a good or bad way, or maybe just in a different way.  It seems that no matter what comes my way, there is always something there to follow it up.  Yesterday was one of those days were you look at what is coming up and decide- oh this is going to call for some changes some improvements, some improvising and a little bit of making your own destiny.  I am looking forward to it!  

I hope you had a wonderful week!  What did you get accomplished this week?  This is different from what are you doing this weekend- which is my normal question.  I feel like I had a very productive week and I am ready for a real break from work, time in the sun and with the family is on the agenda.

How did you like our first Designers at Home post?  If you are interested in participating please feel free to contact me as we would like to make this a regular thing here.

I fell for this photo and a million others on a blog I discovered this week.  


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